I teach the following courses:

  • ECE 4607   Mobile and Wireless Networks (Fall)
    • The objective of this course is to introduce undergraduate students to the basic concepts of mobile and wireless networks. It will cover concepts at various layers of the wireless protocol stack (physical, MAC, network, transport and application) that are responsible for making our networks function effectively and efficiently in the real-world. Beyond a typical lecture format, the course will also introduce students to wireless networking research, involving them in the study and presentation of research articles that expand on their course learning, as well as introducing them to the initial stages of research on cutting-edge research topics in the field.
  • ECE 8803   Advanced Wireless Networks (Spring)
    • This is an advanced graduate-level  course that aims to educate and inform students on the various advanced topics in wireless networking research. It will build upon the fundamental concepts learnt in ECE 6610 (Wireless Networks) or ECE 4607 (Mobile & Wireless Networks) and take a more research-oriented flavor. We will start by understanding the basics of wireless networks, but quickly start focusing on the challenges in designing and deploying wireless networks on a large scale that can keep up with the exponentially growing demands from application traffic. We will discuss several of the advanced wireless technologies that are a part of the 5G (and beyond) wireless evolution, and what it takes to intelligently deploy them in large networks. We will also study, how our wireless networks can double up as a pervasive “sensor” and contribute to several innovative sensing applications in the society. Some of the topics covered in this course will include, but not limited to, smart antennas (MIMO, MU-MIMO, massive MIMO, mmWave), dynamic spectrum access, SDN in wireless, RF and mobile sensing, networking with autonomous platforms, low power wireless networking, etc. The course will largely be delivered in a lecture-format, but will also borrow heavily from research literature. The intent of the course is to expose students to the rich potential for impactful research that lies at the intersection of wireless networks and multiple other domains like robotics, low-power circuits, sensors, immersive media, etc.